Is your skin starting to resemble a piece of old fruit? You know – weathered, dehydrated and sporting one too many wrinkles. Beauty experts Zoe Foster (creator of Go-To Skincare) and Jocelyn Petroni (Chanel’s official manicurist and Mirander Kerr’s favourite facialist) have bragged about the benefits of Omnilux for years – a non-surgical treatment used to counteract inflammation, acne, eczema, rosacea and scarring and to improve overall skin quality.

Created 10 years ago in the UK, it uses pure light to help stimulate the skins natural collagen production – a process that slows down as we age. Using either Omnilux Blue (which works to minimise sebum, bacteria and inflammation) Omnilux Revive (which stimulates collagen and increases the moisture in your skin) or Omnilux Revive (which rebuilds and strengthens deep tissue and increase the skins blood flow) or a combination of all three common results include fewer wrinkles, reduced pore size, improved skin tone and texture, and reduced redness.

It’s safe, effective and can be performed in conjunction with a range of other treatments including microdermabrasion on any skin type and colour. Treatments start at $90 a pop (with a course of 10 treatments recommended for best results) and are available nationally. Visit

Blue Kills acne bacteria. OMNILUX blue™
Red Stimulates collagen formation.Anti-inflammatory. OMNILUX revive™
Near-infrared Stimulates collagen.Promotes healing of tissue. OMNILUX plus™