Each new year, my list of resolutions is the same: to stop biting my nails, to shave my legs more than once a month and most importantly, to turn my long, unkempt head of hair into luscious blonde locks.

On paper it seems simple enough but here’s the catch: I’m time poor, I live on a reasonably tight budget (read: I still live with my parents and I’m 27!) and, like most women, I find the number of hair care products available overwhelming. And I work in the industry – go figure.

With that said, after hours of research and a little trial and error I’ve¬†uncovered a hair-care routine and a range of products that work.

1. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. I like Kevin Murphy’s¬†Blonde.Angel range.

2. Use a treatment once a week. I like XXX





Hair + Makeup_2

Hair + Makeup_9